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  单独招生工作遵循“公开、公平、公正、学校负责、自我约束、社会监督”的原则,下面是小编为你带来的洛阳师范学院单招模拟试题 ,欢迎阅读。


  1.There is no doubt that stress can ________ physical illness.

  2.Further measures will be taken to ________ our streets ________ crime.

  3.Many experts think t洛阳师范学院单招模拟试题hat schools should not simply ________ exam results.

  4.She usually ________ the table ________ dust by putting a cover over it.

  5.Scientists are still ________ a cure for this terrible disease.

  6.I ________ fail than cheat in the examination.

  7. ________ this treatment, her condition has improved.

  8.As a matter of fact, many great scientists don't ________ being wealthy.

  9.According to Muslim traditions, the bride cannot show any part of her body to the guests. ________, she can not follow Western practices during the wedding, like kissing visitors.

  10.Greenhouse gases continue to ________ in the atmosphere, causing the global temperature to go up.

  答案 1.lead to 2.rid; of 3.focus on 4.keeps; free from 5.searching for 6.would rather

  7.Thanks to 8.care about 9.In addition 10.build up


  1.His face, arms and body are just like those of millions of Chinese farmers, ________ (他一直在为他们努力着) for the past five decades. (struggle)

  答案 for whom he has struggled

  2.Dr Yuan searched for a way to increase rice harvests ______________________(而不需要增加土地面积) . (without)

  答案 without expanding the area of the fields

  3.Some organic farmers prefer planting grass between crops to ______________________(防止风或水把土壤带走). (prevent)

  答案 prevent wind or water from carrying away the soil


  1.[翻译]经过3个月的航行,他们来到了现在称为美洲的地方。 答案 After three months' voyage,they came to what is called America today.

  2.Dr Yuan graduated from Southwest Agricultural College in 1953.

  [翻译]位于城市的中心地带,这座公园给市民带来很多享受。 答案 Located in the centre of the city, the park provides much enjoyment to the citizens.

  3.from animals as fertilizer.


  答案 Many people living in cities would prefer living in the countryside.

  4.Crops such as peas or soybeans put important minerals back into the soil,need rich and fertile soil.

  [翻译]80多个国家踢欧式足球,使之成为世界上最流行的运动。 答案 European football is played in 80 countries, making it the most popular sports in the world.

  5.These many different organic farming methods have the or people's health.


  答案 This book tells you how to avoid getting ill while traveling.



  The production of coffee beans is a huge, profitable business, but, unfortunately, fullsun production is taking over the industry and bringing about a lot of damage. The change in how coffee is grown from shadegrown production to fullsun production endangers the very existence of certain animals and birds, and even disturbs the world's ecological balance.

  On a local level, the damage of the forest required by fullsun fields affects the area's birds and animals. The shade of the forest trees provides a home for birds and other species (物种) that depend on the trees' flowers and fruits. Fullsun coffee growers destroy this forest home. As a result, many species are quickly dying out.

  On a more global level, the destruction of the rainforest for full-sun coffee fields also threatens (威胁) human life. Medical research often makes use of the forests' plant and animal life, and the destruction of such species could prevent researchers from finding cures for certain diseases. In addition, new coffeegrowing techniques are poisoning the water locally, and eventually the world's groundwater.

  Both locally and globally, the continued spread of fullsun coffee plantations (种植园) could mean the destruction of the rainforest ecology. The loss of shade trees is already causing a slight change in the world's climate, and studies show that the loss of oxygengiving trees also leads to air pollution and global warming. Moreover, the new growing techniques are contributing to acidic (酸性的) soil conditions.

  It is obvious that the way much coffee is grown affects many aspects of life, from the local environment to the global ecology. But consumers do have a choice. They can purchase shadegrown coffee whenever possible, although at a higher cost. The future health of the planet and mankind is surely worth more than an inexpensive cup of coffee.

  语篇解读 这是一篇说明文。文章主要说明了在阳光充足的`环境中生长的咖啡豆对周围环境的影响。

  1.What can we learn about fullsun coffee production from Paragraph 4?

  A. It limits the spread of new growing techniques.

  B. It leads to air pollution and global warming.

  C. It slows down the loss of shade trees.

  D. It improves local soil conditions.

  答案与解析 B 考查细节理解。根据第四段中的“...leads to air pollution and global warming”可知,在阳光充足的环境中生长的咖啡豆会导致空气污染和全球变暖。

  2.The purpose of the text is to ________.

  A. entertain B. advertise

  C. instruct D. persuade

  答案与解析 D 考查推理判断。根据文章最后一段中的“But consumers do have a choice. They can purchase shadegrown coffee whenever possible...The future health of the planet and mankind is surely worth more than an inexpensive cup of coffee


  3.Where does this text probably come from?

  A. An agricultural magazine.

  B. A medical journal.

  C. An engineering textbook.

  D. A tourist guide.

  答案与解析 A 考查推理判断。由于文章主要说明的是在阳光充足的环境中生长的咖啡豆对周围环境的影响,文章主题是有关农业的,由此可判断出本篇文章来自一本农业杂志。故答案为A。

  4.Which of the following shows the structure of the whole text?

  答案与解析 A 考查文章结构。首先文章第一段提出在阳光充足




  “Mum, you're always on the computer!” Laure complained. “No, I'm not,”“Every day I come home from school you're working on the computer.”

  “Well, at least I'm here __2__ you!”

  My daughter was right. Day after day, in my home office, I would stare into space as my typed out the thoughts of a speaker or research completed for an article. It seemed that my work as a writer and speaker my fingers to the keyboard and my her day away, I'd also be doing a lot of housework. It was only for a few moments of deep thought. Then she'd come from school.

  I am a speaker on child behavior and parenting. But Laure's observation my heart. In her eyes, I must have been a mom (形象than any other work.

  “Laure,” I called, “come here a minute.”

  me when I was too devoted to work. I wanted her to have to be accessible to her and her sister, I offered Laure the following “Whenever you feel I'm ignoring you or you need my __16__, ,” I said, “Just come up and give me a little

  Years later we still have that signal. I've become much more sensitive to my daughters' comings and goings. she always gives me a little hug to remind me of the real reason why I work at home.

  1.A. thought B. refused

  C. defended D. agreed

  2.A. for B. over

  C. against D. after

  3.A. feet B. hands

  C. eyes D. ears

  4.A. connected B. turned

  C. gave D. added

  5.A. admit B. realize

  C. believe D. recognize

  6.A. luckily B. gradually

  C. instantly D. finally

  7.A. anxious B. precious

  C. busy D. rare

  8.A. proud B. ashamed

  C. afraid D. scared

  9.A. filled B. broke

  C. touched D. mended

  10.A. suitable B. available

  C. acceptable D. reasonable

  11.A. important B. funny

  C. obvious D. wonderful

  12.A. warn B. persuade

  C.encourage D. remind

  13.A. patience B. time

  C. power D. honor

  14.A. pattern B. dream

  C. schedule D. choice

  15.A. promise B. chance

  C. answer D. truth

  16.A. help B. attention

  C. decision D. advice

  17.A. hug B. shake

  C. kiss D. kick

  18.A. miss B. hate

  C. need D. scold

  19.A. unknown B. unexpected

  C. unfinished D. unspoken

  20.A. And B. But

  C. Or D. Yet


  语篇解读 本文主要讲述了作者在发现自己和孩子们之间的相处出了问题之后,如何平衡工作和家庭之间的关系的故事。

  1.C 根据语境“No, I'm not”可推知,作者并不承认女儿的说法,作者在为自己的行为进行辩解,defend“辩解,辩白”,故C项正确。

  2.A 根据下文中的“the fact that I chose home office to be accessible to her and her sister”可知,作者选择在家工作是为了孩子们,故A项正确。

  3.B 由“typed out”和下文中的“my fingers”可知,是用手把想法转换成文字打出来,即B项正确。

  4.A 看起来作为作家和演说家的作者就是要把自己的手指和键











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